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                     T. 031-949-3272 /


(Chinese and  French

Since 2002, they started to work together)

Benoit+Bo was born in 2002 in Tianjin, China.

The year they started to work together, the birth of their group. Benoit is French and Bo is Chinese.

Their coming together is the fruit of the blending of two cultures, two sensitivities and two different pasts. They are known in China under the name Dong Bo & Xi Bo. Their pieces are the meeting point of French and Chinese culture. They combine their knowledge and world view to create a new vision of the world, more hybrid, more contemporary which mixes their two origins, Asia and Europe, China and France.

They began exhibiting their works in Paris where they lived until 2007. Then they decided to set up their studio in Shanghai where they have been for more than seven years.

They use different mediums in their artistic works :Painting, digital art work, photography, video, object, Installation…They have previously exhibited work in France, Belgium, Italy, Korea, China.




Bo : Fine Art School of Tianjin.

University of the Sorbonn I, Paris.

Benoit : Master of ARTS, University of Aix Provence



Solo Exhibitions

2014    “Artistic Banquet” University Lille 3, Lille France.

             “Photography + Maps of Benoit+Bo”, Gallery 3 Lacs, Lille, France


2013    “Cartographie” Maps, University of Versailles, Versailles, France.

             “Journal de voyage” Prints digital drawings, University of Limoges, Limoges, France.


2012    “Benoit+Bo”, Gallery 3 Lac, Lille, France.

             “Back from China”, Visual Art Centre, Lille, France

             “The Studio of Benoit+Bo”, Art in Capitals gallery, Shanghai, China


2011     “Christmas Buddha”, Antonio Nardone Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2010     “Human geography”_Prints, Gallery MOA, Heyri, Korea Love geography_Prints, Cinéma Comédia, 

               Lyon, France

2009      Love geography_Paintings, Factory Gallery Shanghai, China

               benoit+bo on youtube Shanghai tv report

2007       “Paintings of Benoit+Bo”, A rebours Gallery, Paris, France.

2006       “Paintings and Photos of Benoit+Bo”, Dorothee Selz Studio, Paris, France.



Selected Group Exhibitions

2014       “High Summer Editions”, Newsagency Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

                “Coup de Coeur”, New Square Gallery, Lille, France.

                “The Belgium Young Artists”, Alliance Française, Shanghai, China.

2012       Grand Opening of Studio Rouge, Studio Rouge Gallery, Hong Kong.

                “What can I do to attract you?”, Studio Rouge Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2011       “Ruby, Roxy and the Flaming Lamborghini”, Studio Rouge Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2010       Intimate Travel, International center of photography of Verona, Italy

2008       Photos / Opera, Zhenjiang Municipal centre, Zhenjiang, China2004 The Love Maps_ Digital

                Printing Light Boxes, Imagine Gallery Beijing, China2003 Mensonges (Lies)_Digital Photography,

                Imagine Gallery Beijing, China Biennale

2011       benoit+bo progetti speciali_Selected for a special project, Biennale of Alessandria/ Italy



Art Fairs

2014       Off Brussels Art Fair, Antonio Nardone Gallery, Brussels Belgium Lille Art Up, New Square Gallery,

                Lille France.

2013       Aisa Contemporary art show, Noeli Gallery, Hong Kong

2012       Cutlog Paris, Antonio Nardone Gallery, Paris

                Fotofever, Sabrina Raffaghello Gallery, Brussels


2010       Art Verona_Verona Art Fair, Sabrina Raffaghello booth, Italy

2009       Zhenjiang_ Organized by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Sezione di Shanghai

2005       CIGE 2005 China International Gallery Exhibition, Stand Imagine Gallery Beijing, China

2004       SAC China, Imagine Gallery Beijing, SuoJiaCun Art Center Beijing China




2014       University of Lille III

2012       Visual Art Center, Lille, France




2011       Special Project of the Biennale of Contemporary photography and video of Alessandria, Italy.



Public Collections

Crossing Museum

Sulaimany Modern Art MuseumFonds d’Arts Contemporains of Marseille & etc.

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