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Yangho Lee

Director_Gallery MOA

March 11, 2016


갤러리 MOA 에서는 2016년 4. 16부터 5. 19일 송창애 작가의 “워터스케이프_水流花開”展을 개최한다


그의 작품은 마치 자연의 현상 중 물에 투영되고 있는 꽃과 같은 이미지를 다루면서 관자들로 하여금 잔잔한 감동을 불러일으키고 있다.


흐르는 물을 분사하여 그리는 물 드로잉은 水花 송창애 작가만의 독창적 기법이다. 그렇다면 작가는 왜? 흐르는 물 과 피어나는 꽃을 대상으로 작업을 하고 있는 것 일까?


작가는 “‘물’ 이라는 메타포를 통한 생명의 근원과 본질, 그리고 존재의 원형에 대한 시각적 고찰에 대한 표현“ 이라고 말 한다. 즉 그의 작품은 단순한 물의 재현적 이미지가 아닌, 물 자체의 속성을 들어냄으로서 물과 자신을 일체화 시키고자 하는 것이다. 여기에서 꽃은 고유한 생의 에너지를 품은 자연으로, 불완전한 존재의 완전성에 대한 원초적 그리움의 은유적 표현인 것이다.


이와 같이 송창애의 작업은 우주 자연의 섭리를 통한 인간의 존재론을 다시 한번 생각하게 하는 의미 있는 전시라 할 것이다.



Artist statement


ChangAe Song





Waterscape means "water scenery" drawn with water itself. Water can be sympolized as one bowl that contains all that includes a subject matter, a main technique of expression, and a theme.

2. YISUGWANJI (以水觀之)

The perspective is presented through water. This is the core idea passed through the entire artworks and mainly based on the Zanggi's main philoshopy (以 道 觀 之: seeing the world through Tao as a fundamental principle of all things). In my persopective, water is replaced with Tao. Lao Tzu actually considered water as the closest thing in nature that pararell with Tao because he stated “Tao is unseen and water is seen (道無水有)”. My work can be interpreted as a visual perspective on the origin and nature of the circle of life by employing water as a metaphor of universe.

3. MULAILCHE (物我一體)

Mulailche (物我一體) indicates the indispensable relationship between water and myself. I have tried to express one aspect of non-partitioned world without all binary oppositional relationship (subject vs. object, ideal vs. reality, material world vs. spiritual world, etc.) This is the main reason why I draw the water by water in order to to focus on revealing the properties of water in itself rather than representing images of water. "Water Drawing" is my own creation and a distictive technique, drawn by spraying water. In this process, a high level of concentration and commitment is required for my work and the spontaneous process is one of the essential characteristics of WATERSCAPE since I focus on intuition and instinct with the minimal involvement of rationality. Soon after I finish my painting, I almost become one with water with transpiration and tears during the creation.


Sooryuhwagae (水流花開) which means “Water flows and flowers bloom” is not only the subtitle of this exhibition, but also the subject matters and the theme. This means a providential nature of the universe as a phrase (空山無人 水流花開) appearing on the ninth of the Arhat from the eighteen daeahrahan song by Sodongpa who was a poet of North Song Dynasty. The universe operates in itself with no particular reason. Therefore, all living beings flow like water and they are flexible and flowing. All living beings are also like flowers that embrace the energy of a unique life of their own. With employing water as a flowing subject for blooming flowers, I express my own unique inherent energy in my painting of flower appearance by being one with water. A water flower is a metaphorical representation of the primitive desire for completeness of imperfect beings that bloom out of deep blue sea. In my painting, water flower symbolizes the byproduct of expressing my entity in itself and represents a journey to find my original nature.










ChangAe Song /송창애  "WATERSCAPE_Sooryuhwagae"

April 16 - May 18, 2016







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