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Kazz Morishita



춘,하,추,동-나는 사계절이 있는 곳에서 태어나서 자라왔습니다. 하지만 세월과 함께 점점 결울의 추위에 약하게 되어버렸습니다. 거기다 한 층 고갱처럼 남쪽 섬에서 살까하는 그런 생각마저 있습니다.

그러한 생각 가운운데, 전에 친구에게 권유 받아 봄의 해변 비치파티에 갔었습니다. 햇볕이 내리쬐는 ?와 따스함. 파도는 아직 차지만 투명함이 있는 기분좋은 ??

와인잔을 한 쪽 손에 들고 모닥불에 둘러앉아, 막 구웠던 신선한 해산물을 먹었습니다. 그 때 친구의 중학생 딸이 안면에 웃음을 가득안고 외쳤습니다. “겨울은 오늘 같은 날 때문에 있는거네”

빙고! 나의 기분도 같은 마음으로 춤추고 있었습니다.





Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter


Spring, summer, autumn, and winter- I was born and grown up in the place with the four seasons.


However, the cold of winter has been weakening gradually with ages.

Rather, let's live like Gauguin on the southern island. Sometimes I think in such a way.

The other day I went to the beach party in the beach of spring by the invitation of my friend.

The sunbeam is a faintly warm, and the spindrift is a still cold midafternoon.

We had been eating fresh marine products of just grilling up enclosing the flame of the barbecue. At that time friend's junior high school student's daughter whispered with full of smiling."It was for this day in Winter !  "My feelings also danced similarly.


Basic concept for working


The impression on the nature that was in daily days before is getting rust rapidly in the society which is urbanized. The freshness at daybreak, burning sunset, songs of trees, smell of wind, soft sunbeam between leaves, and the stamp of each season.


What we thought natural is made a ruin every day, and new original scenery suitable for children in the new century arises. It might be a spectacle that is severer than any science fiction novel sometimes.


However, the respect and impression on the nature carved for our DNA are still alive with endless.


We are made to shed tears at time when the switch on in the bottom of the mind enters once, and it overflows in pleasure. Moreover, the world is common to it. Do not stop such DNA that brings impression!


"It is nostalgic though is not in the memory" −How wonderful!, if it is possible to bring it close to impression even a little by keeping making works , as a key word.


I wish in such a way.






"Reincarnation" - Kazz Morishita

   Jun. 16 - Jun. 30, 2007.

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