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DongHun Sung 

(Korean, b.1967)


Ignorant Imagination &Sensuous Experimentation


YangHo Lee _Director  Gallery MOA


Sculpture in DongHun Sung is interesting. However, It is not just struck by the beauty because of expressing an emblem of his genuine feeling. It will be not existed his art, if there is only acknowledged as universal aesthetics, instead of his privilege of imagination and overflowing with sensibility inside of his inner part.


His imagination, which is combined sensibility and rationality has the initiative of power that reconstructed through buried multiplicity and contradiction into Human. It is promoted a matter that gets up against or clashes with the thought link preliminary to unite. The matter is acting by a motive power of working in order to being him, by changing the reality with a behavior breaking actuality.


There are humorous expressions of ambiguities in hidden sometimes, or there is shown to realize the hidden contradiction into the wonderful configuration. Rightly, Explained the phenomenon in the one, his world is not separated t reality and unreality.


Showing at gallery MOA the art pieces are made from iron, representing the made-up surface and the actual substance in the same breath.


August. 2007




JiYoung Kim _Art Critic


Dong Hun Sung’s artwork expressed realistically scenes dividing into two equal parts. Listening sound to the interior of the bell is silent like the eye of a storm.


<River into the cloud I-another faith>, in which a crucifix was attached on a fighting plane (F16), it has safe arrival into a cloud. This subject of conversation is opposed to the line of <Dream of Mary>. At the gold-tree angels sit on the throne, but on the clouds God is degrade to a suicide commando. Jone Lennon singed, ‘Imagine, A word without religion”, Written <The made-up God>, Richard Dawkins said, “There are no a suicide bomber, 911, bomb terror in London, the crusaders, witch hunting, gunpowder plot, division of India, the war of Israeli and Palestine, genocide of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia, be persecuted Jewish as “The murderer of Jesus”, Northern Ireland’s ‘party strife’, honor homicide, Imagine! There is no a televangelist who lives on pure people’s earning, appeared on television with wearing a glossy suit and robbing oil on the head, Taliban in blasting the ancient statue, an open execution of criminals for desecrate-crater, Imagine! There is no a behavior o whipping woman who commits a clime according to flashing up her skin.”


<River into the cloud II-Gold Elephant> is an artwork of extremely ambiguity. Dong Hun Sung said, “Gold-Elephant is a symbol of republication administration in USA.” He restrained the flow, which means only by religion narrative. When people of conservative people in USA are singing a song of Jone Lennon, they often sing out of removing a phrase “Without religion”, or changing the words of a song as “with religion”. If it will be wondering what to do with their will, called ‘Messianic intoxication’, saved the world from evil, and found salvation toward the heaven on earth, otherwise resembled closely Buddha’, entered into Nirvana after exorcising all evil spirits. The Gold-Elephant has a dream of Buddhist in the front of Buddha.


<LOVE> gives a consequence so that it is bring to conclusion with the root of the world’s contradiction after all. Appeared on a stage by a symbol of earthy form, the plump torso is functioning as a mythological story of ‘Eden’. The primary earth didn’t have a factor of any vice. There is also not existed beauty. In other words, the general idea of good and evil, and beauty and ugliness is only any one of cohering in this palace. It is futile to divide into between Buddha and Jesus, and Mayan and Virgin Mary. Standing at the top of Buddha’s head, the statue of Mary is within the torso. Recovered the original meaning Love; should thus be found from ‘pregnancy’ of an egg for breading.

<Dream of Turtle-vibration> is the mythological story of religion, rising above the reality in where the inside of it reflects. The artist is set of an abyss of nest with ups and downs of his turning point all the while, emphasizing his self-portrait’ as a metaphor for an apologue of the rabbit and the turtle. He pulled out humor at this exhibition, and then he tried to put the subject of conversation in the floating cloud. The turtle has a long trumpet, which ejected from its mouth. The spiral trumpet seems to be suck in and spit out all. He said, “The turtle is alike me. It’s just dull, sluggish, and refuse to answer. Nevertheless this turtle is an animal from the ancient time. It has evolved slowly. It appeared in my early works as a satirical animal. At this term, Dream of Turtle-vibration is one and only a cement artwork, and it was spend a long time to work because of an unsolved problem of the form, but I completed it at this year.”


His work remains labor-intensive. <Blue I-II> is produced a work of art from string beads of hundreds of thousands. <Blue I-II> is taking aim to direction of his new artworks. Made sure of the visual illusion of mass, the strategy is the new formative system that transmitted lights effectively after mitigating all shape. The artist’s work flows through the river as ‘Dream’. It is not only despair, but also desire. The form of artworks is on the same the exterior as the interior. He speaks us to take a look at the inside. It will be different to recognize from what we could grasp the facts of a case, because it would be either the object of worship, or the source of despair. Therefore, what about the clouds is nothing but a dream? For all that, we should be necessary remind that Aboriginal had a dream of ‘Caucasian’ man.


Ignorant Imagination & Sensuous Experimentation

Sep.8 - Sep 31. 2007

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